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Process: How We Work

Helmes has innovated the software development process to provide maximum transparency and flexibility throughout the whole project.
The Quick Start allows us to speed up the time to market.
Agile methods provide the flexibility to accept changes throughout the whole development process.

  • Quick Start
  • Lean process: Success Line
  • Principles and core values


Building interfaces, to make systems communicate with each other, is a complex yet very rewarding task. Very often a few interfaces can substitute a whole new info system otherwise considered prerequisite to introducing a new service. We provide end-to-end responsibility in integration and business process automation.

  • Data exchange solution implementation
  • Common facade development
  • SOA solution design and implementation

Online Self-Service Development

We work hand in hand with service designers to bring about the most innovative ways of serving clients online. With our knowledge of customer service business process and ready to use functionalities, you can focus your time and resource on creating the competitive edge.

  • Online and mobile service design
  • Pre-tailored self-service solutions
  • Automated back-office service function
  • Custom software development

More references

  • e-prescription

    In Estonia e-prescription, a process of the electronic transfer of a prescription by a healthcare provider to a pharmacy for retrieval of the drug by the patient, was developed by Helmes in cooperation with the state. 

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  • nemc

    Helmes custom-developes a full hospital information system for region´s biggest hospital NEMC. To form an all-embracing hospital information system, all its separate information systems are being developed based on the SOA principle.

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  • nasdaq

    Helmes has launched Message Hub – a message exchange environment – for Nasdaq. Message Hub is easily compatible with other modern post-trade solutions available in Europe.

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  • eas

    Helmes was chosen to develop the self-service solution for Enterprise Estonia (EAS), one of the largest institutions in Estonia within the national support system for entrepreneurship, providing financial assistance, advisory and training for entrepreneurs, research establishments, public and third sector.

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  • tele2

    Helmes builds and maintains the self-care and webshop solutions as well as their aggregated platform for mobile services for the one of the leading telecom operators in the Nordics and Baltics.  

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  • audatex

    The global provider of claims solutions for insurance companies, Audatex, partners with Helmes in building the Audanet – the platform that accommodates the services of claims handling. 

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